Pagani Zonda Huayra Review [Price, Top Speed, Top Gear]

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Pagani Zonda Huayra Arrival 2012-2013 Is Taking The Sports Car Enthusiasts by Storm…Read It’s Review of Price, Top Speed, Top Gear…

The Pagani Zonda Huayra is no toy and you will be expected to cough up upward of $2 million to get behind her wheels. This Sports Car is best handled by talented drivers and all those used to the Compacts and SUVs are better off simply enjoying the Zonda R’s looks.

Pagani, the Italian manufacturer of this beautiful machine has been silent for long, reportedly due to financial troubles. The Pagani Zonda Huayra’s arrival has therefore taken some of the top sports car enthusiasts by surprise.

This machine is a class apart for varying reasons. In the first place, it is a limited edition with just about 15 planned. Pagani claims that 11 have already been sold. The total weight of the car has been substantially reduced to just about 1000 kilograms plus the fuel and driver. This has been made possible by the light weight chassis made out of carbon titanium. Even with 30% of the weight slashed, the rigidity has improved phenomenally.

The Pagani Zonda Huayra is fitted with V12 engine offering a massive power of 750bhp/6.o litre and transmission is phenomenal thanks to the paddle shift 6 speed sequential system. Acceleration from 0-62 mph takes just about 2.7 seconds and top speeds in excess of 220 mph can be achieved with ease. Zonda R also offers an on board software to help calibrate a wide range of desired power output. This is a feature not yet offered by other manufacturers.

In an unbelievable 30 milliseconds you can achieve gear shift and the engine is directly bolted to the chassis. This AMG engine was originally designed for ‘Mercedes –Benz CLG GTR Le Mans Cars’

Gear changes happen in an insane 30 milliseconds, and the AMG racing engine – originally designed and last used in 1999 for the famous Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Le Mans cars – is bolted directly to the chassis, the magnesium-case transmission is behind that, and the competition adjustable rear dampers are attached directly to the gearbox.

Four 4 barrel exhaust has ultra thin walls and come coated with ceramic. Even at 7500 rpm the sound is close to the 17,000 rpm from a Formula 1 leaving a lasting memory of the Pagani Zonda Huayra

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Pagani Zonda: The Best Sports Car

Pagani Zonda

Wonder why Italy car like Pagani Zonda can stand tall on the same racetrack with supercars big leagues? Because it’s built on the belief that aestheticity and performance can go in oneness with compact package yet spaciously comfortable!

Pagani Zonda: The Best Sports Car

Pagani Zonda_Zonda Cinque

The Pagani Zonda takes the road and track so well alongside major auto giants like Ferrari and Mesarati that it no doubt deserves to be in the hall of World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Cars… Sports Car, to be exact.

One of its benchmark production in 2009, the Zonda Cinque that preciously went on a mere 5 units-run calls for $1,850,000 each that their lavish buyers adore for the 6-gear sequential transmission on the V12 Mercedes AMD engine that top its performance at 678hp and 780Nm.

Dubbed as “the most extreme road-legal Zonda”, you really wouldn’t mind burning the wheels at 300km/h which the body cleverly stabilized by its carbon-titanium frame and Pirelli Pzero tyres alongside the ergal/titanium spring/shock absorber, collaboratively devoting for speed, lightness, safety and comfort all in one.

Built For Performance And Comfort

Such a big name beyond its homeland Italy, the first brainchild was born in the hands of Horacio Pagani, a bakery-family descendent who confidently uphold his dream to build the now supercars by going separate ways to pursue his dream after eight years with Lamborghini.

Thanks to the keen eyes of Argentinean F1 racer, Juan Manuel Fangio on Pagani’s faith on the future of carbon fiber potential, together they built their first debut released as Zonda C12 at Geneva Motor Show in 2000. Mounted with the V12 Engine from Mercedes-Benz, it dons on the carbon based body to boost lightness and aerodynamics that allows for peak performance at 389hp and 570Nm back then.

The rest were a run-down on rapid progressions in aerodynamic and interior design scopes. We bet you haven’t forget their 2005 achievement with Zonda F inspired by Pagani’s earliest racer-turn-co-engineer, Fangio which naturally made the headway for the 25-units limited run of Zonda F Roadster a year later.

A Revolution To Applaud

Pagani Zonda_F Roadster

To observe the F-series as “just another newer supercar” is an understatement. These coupe were in fact a big innovative step forward from earlier designs that captures the heart of its buyers with extensive revamp on intake manifolds, exhaust and ECU to deliver a stunning 650hp and 780Nm for the roadsters, and that’s 1.5 times better than their predecessors.

This model underwent a major facelift with carbon fiber center and canvas on the rear serving as folding roof to complement the interior smooth leather finish to accentuate the Italian GT flavor. And did we mention the overall structural reinforcement on chassis frame and door sill with quality roll bars that made it so perfectly the most elegant special edition of Zonda?

So who cares messing up their hair while driving open-roof at top speed? You’ll only mesmerize the onlookers with the perfect blend of sensuality and aggressiveness behind your wheels! Though initially selling for $750,000 a change of hand easily doubles to $1,300,000 recently but customers are happily paying for its impressive track record by finishing the lap at only 7:29 on the Nürburgring racetrack with its ever so light bodyweight.

A Superstar To Remember

Pagani Zonda_Zonda R

And how can we go without casting the spotlight on the stunning Pagani Zonda R! This is truly a racetrack breed that gives fellow racers the thrill of making a beautiful 0-100 shift under 2.7 seconds.

The science behind? A clever installation of transversal sequential gearbox and shift paddles mounted behind the steering for maximum configurability and 20-miliseconds gearshift performance record. It’s no wonder why Pagani coins it as “the most extreme version of Zonda ever”.

Value For Money?

If you think this is too much a price to pay, many loaded car enthusiasts think otherwise. Owners like Scottish gas industry Tycoon Gareth Jones didn’t think twice when he returned his crashed C12 to the factory and reappear as Zonda GJ, upgraded with front wing and mapping prominent features of Cinque and F. Talk about money-worth? It’s perhaps the right mentality in the wrong place. This is the ultimate arena for the super-rich devotion to priceless supercars definitely!

Pagani Zonda Triumph Shall Prevail

Well, for all the outstanding engineering work that speaks for themselves in the fabulous masterpieces of Pagani Zonda collection, it’s such a mix feeling to see it closing its glorious chapter with only 206 units  total production ending 2012.

But its triumph will definitely continue with Pagani Huayra, another fleet of supercars leveraging on the powerful performance of V12 Mercedes engines but downsized to 6.0 liter twin- turbo unit.

So till it greets the US market next year with a price tag of $1,130,000, we shall wait for the dawn of yet another superstar, this time with a mid-engine that robustly chunks out 700hp with 1,100Nm.

Check back for more on Pagani Zonda soon.

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