Pagani Zonda Huayra Review [Price, Top Speed, Top Gear]

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Pagani Zonda Huayra Arrival 2012-2013 Is Taking The Sports Car Enthusiasts by Storm…Read It’s Review of Price, Top Speed, Top Gear…

The Pagani Zonda Huayra is no toy and you will be expected to cough up upward of $2 million to get behind her wheels. This Sports Car is best handled by talented drivers and all those used to the Compacts and SUVs are better off simply enjoying the Zonda R’s looks.

Pagani, the Italian manufacturer of this beautiful machine has been silent for long, reportedly due to financial troubles. The Pagani Zonda Huayra’s arrival has therefore taken some of the top sports car enthusiasts by surprise.

This machine is a class apart for varying reasons. In the first place, it is a limited edition with just about 15 planned. Pagani claims that 11 have already been sold. The total weight of the car has been substantially reduced to just about 1000 kilograms plus the fuel and driver. This has been made possible by the light weight chassis made out of carbon titanium. Even with 30% of the weight slashed, the rigidity has improved phenomenally.

The Pagani Zonda Huayra is fitted with V12 engine offering a massive power of 750bhp/6.o litre and transmission is phenomenal thanks to the paddle shift 6 speed sequential system. Acceleration from 0-62 mph takes just about 2.7 seconds and top speeds in excess of 220 mph can be achieved with ease. Zonda R also offers an on board software to help calibrate a wide range of desired power output. This is a feature not yet offered by other manufacturers.

In an unbelievable 30 milliseconds you can achieve gear shift and the engine is directly bolted to the chassis. This AMG engine was originally designed for ‘Mercedes –Benz CLG GTR Le Mans Cars’

Gear changes happen in an insane 30 milliseconds, and the AMG racing engine – originally designed and last used in 1999 for the famous Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Le Mans cars – is bolted directly to the chassis, the magnesium-case transmission is behind that, and the competition adjustable rear dampers are attached directly to the gearbox.

Four 4 barrel exhaust has ultra thin walls and come coated with ceramic. Even at 7500 rpm the sound is close to the 17,000 rpm from a Formula 1 leaving a lasting memory of the Pagani Zonda Huayra

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